‘Do not forget
to celebrate
the milestones
along the way’


Looking for a motivational speaker? Live or Online? Dutch mountaineer and keynote speaker Katja Staartjes takes you with her to the top, illustrating the journey with breathtaking images. She climbed a few of the highest peaks in the world, among Mount Everest as the first Dutch woman.

Life at over 8,000 metres altitude is extreme, offering rich experiences which have their parallels in everyday life. For example to challenging issues around teamwork, leadership and resilience. For years Katja fulfilled senior management roles, so she connects the issues from top climbing to the relevant themes in organisations well. This is why Katja’s presentations are strongly impactful and inspiring.

To perfectly fit the objective of your event, Katja customises the content of her presentation to the time available, to the content and the amount of interaction required.

Themes around leadership and teamwork

Throughout her presentations, Katja Staartjes shows the relevance of the experience she has gained on her Himalaya expeditions for everyone. She draws clear parallels between mountain climbing and familiar situations and challenges from daily lifre around themes such as cooperation and personal leadership:
• Framing a concrete (common) goal or challenge: what do you really want to achieve?
• What motivates you?
• What makes or breaks good teamwork?
• How to overcome (cultural) differences?
• How do you handle risks, anxiety and mistakes?
• What can you do when you’re faced with setbacks or daily upsets?
• What are the successfactors to reach the (your) top?
• Exactly how important is the process, the way you get to the top?
• And finally: what is next, after you have reached the top? Or if you didn’t achieve your goal?
Different organisations often have their own particular issues they wish to address. If you would like these issues to be included in the presentation, they is usually possible.

Customised presentations

Katja: “I’d like to get in touch with you to talk about the possibilities of inspiring your team. My speech has to contribute to the success of your (online) meeting/event and so my story will be customised to suit your specific objectives and audience. Generally I work from one of the following basic presentations:


about trust, cooperation and teamwork under challenging circumstances leading to win-win results

motivatiespreker6_lessismore_katjastaartjes_L1020832_300x112about pushing out your limits and knowing when to respect them. And about dealing with change

motivatiespreker5_peakperformance_katjastaartjes_IMG_0067_300x112powerful storytelling online with breathtaking photos, focused on one or more themes around teamwork, leadership and agility


Katja Staartjes is a highly experienced speaker. Her presentations are appropriate for a wide range of events. Seen her own management experience, she is able to inspire both executives as well as operational teams in business and the non profit sector. Read on »

‘Katja Staartjes inspires and excites with an impressive story about teamwork, risks, passion & emotion. An adventure with breathtaking images, she manages to translate to our daily challenges in daily life and work. Truly to be recommended.’
‘‘Her presentation is natural & captivating and, therefore, all the more credible. The power of her message lies in the amazing content of her stories. These appeal to everyone and are immediately transferable to daily practice. This is ideal for groups that need to get into the spirit of getting challenging jobs done.’
‘‘Compliments on the way in which you took us on your journey in such a stimulating and inspiring way! Also, admiration for the way you linked your journey’s experiences to our organisational development.’
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