´No top
without running
into risks´


Keynote speaker Katja Staartjes also inspires through online contributions. The impactful experiences play a key role: photos and videos with the personal story of Katja. This provides powerful storytelling. There are different options. A working method that works well: 10/15-minute storytelling and then interaction via questions / chats. This can be repeated a few times. If hybrid work is done from a studio with a projection screen and live streaming, the mountaineer can make more extensive contributions.

Possible Topics ONLINE:


Connecting leadership

How do you get the most out of yourself and your team? It starts with self-knowledge and an atmosphere of trust. The importance of vulnerability, resilience, a positive attitude and professionalism.



During the yourney, it becomes increasingly clear whether there is real commitment. If you really have the same goal, or whether you are actually climbing on different mountains. Whether the common interest comes first, and you are willing to help each other. That’s teamwork.


Dealing with boundaries

How do you deal with your limits? Individually and as a team? When it keeps storming and you are all devastated. How can you push the boundary, but above all: what is the moment when the real limit is reached and you turn around? And perhaps better go in a different direction?

Practical matters

Katja Staartjes: “I would like to discuss the wishes and possibilities. Online contributions are generally more concise than a regular “live presentation”. It totally depends on the setup of the webinar or the meeting, the number of people who log in. And whether I present from a studio or from home behind ZOOM / MS Teams / Google Meet and the like. If there is a moderator for screening the chats and questions. Or that the moderator is in charge and is in control. In that case it is not a lecture, but we can address a number of topics during the conversation.”

‘Top performance! She is able to give her public the impression that they are facing the challenge of climbing the mountain themselves. This fact in combination with recognisable metaphores ensured that Katja literally and figuratively achieved a top presentation.’

‘Katja Staartjes spoke at our global Senior Management Conference. She took us on an imaginary journey. Along the way to the top, we learned about topics such as teamwork, leadership, confidence, coping with disappointments, etc. I can wholeheartedly recommend Katja’s story’.
‘We received an enormous number of positive reactions to our symposium. Katja’s story was cited as being fascinating and groundbreaking. The fact that the road to success makes high demands was made quite clear based on her mountaineering experiences on the highest of mountain peaks.’
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