‘The bottom-line
of cooperation is having
a joint goal’


Together to your summit! How do you ensure the achievement of a seemingly unattainable goal and success together? What are the hurdles to collaboration and how do you overcome them? How do you create Win-Win- and top performance situations? This is what the ‘Teamwork to the top’ presentation is all about.

Allow Mountaineer Katja Staartjes’ amazing photographic images to take you to the highest mountain peaks in the world. This presentation focusses on climbing the giant Gasherbrum I (8068 m) mountain in Pakistan (a Dutch first). The team encountered the most challenging of conditions, and success seemed to be just an illusion. It all became a true ordeal in terms of confidence, resilience and teamwork. Eventually, after six weeks of hard work, and thanks to collaboration with two other teams, the peak was reached. Success? This only becomes reality after a safe return.

Katja delivers tailored presentations: “I can focus on one or more topics as required. Based on my own management background, I am able to apply a suitable approach to many situations. I am happy to define this further with you.”

Lecture topics in ‘Teamwork to the top’


Stronger together

An excellent team spirit and good cooperation, it seems so easy, but what a challenge! How do you complement each other? Do you care for each other? And how about mutual trust? Teamwork is realising WIN-WIN!


Authentic leadership

Do you take decisions and responsibility, including when things go wrong? How do you react under stress? And what in fact is authenticity and personal leaderhip?


Success factors

What determines whether you reach your personal/common goal or not? And return safely? How important is the process, the way you get to the top?

Practical matters

The presentation usually last between 30 minutes and two hours, depending the objective of the event and size of the group. Katja Staartjes is looking forward to get in touch with you, to talk what fits best to your purpose. The impact of her story is partly dependent on the photographic material. So it is favourable, when there should be a large screen and the room can be darkened to some extent.


Katja: “My goal is to present an inspiring story that stimulates reflection and gets things moving. I want to have an impact on my audience. Do you want to achieve something more than simply inspiring your team? Then I can incorporate more interaction and discussions in my presentation. Longer sessions, with focusing on certain issues and people working in dyads or small groups are also possible. I will function then as a process leader.”

‘The inspirational presentation with its fabulous illustration materials will ensure that participants will be able to recognise their own team dynamics straight away. Katja is amenable & sharp at the same time about the dos and don’ts of teamwork. A valuable and solid boost for team development.’

Erik Koenders, managing director De Boer & Ritsema van Eck
‘Mountaineer Katja Staartjes takes you on a journey, substantively, with expertise, and very compelling. You experience how it’s like to handle issueas around goalsetting, personal leadership & stressful moments. Katja’s way of teambuilding is unique, because of her inspired approach.’
Carina Benninga, director Bureau Benninga & former Olympic tophocky
‘Katja tells an inspiring story based on her passion combined with a ‘down-to-earth’ presentation style. Her images are beautiful and her metaphor of ‘to the top as a team’ works perfectly in leadership programmes. She is a most pleasant person to work with, and always delivers punctual and quality work.’
Judith Droste, Program manager Executive MD, Nyenrode Business University
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