‘There are
new dreams’


To go for ‘higher and more’ is a common challenge. You can also go for ‘new, different, simple, or workable’. This may get you further, especially these days; less is more!

In her presentation entitled Less is more, mountain climber Katja Staartjes takes you up to highest mountains in the Himalayas. And especially she takes you on a 2000 km mountaineering adventure, a groundbreaking journey from jungles to mountain tops; a wilderness adventure full of unpredictable twists and turns. Her small team encountered all kinds of (literal and symbolic) limits. How did they cope with these? What lessons did they learn?

Her presentation concludes with the earthquake in Nepal. Katja Staartjes experienced this dramatic event in April 2015. What is the impact of something so significant?
This presentation is about change management, about responding to changes, and about pushing and checking your limits. In short, it is all about development.

Lecture topics


Changes & Resilience

How do you react to changes and pressure? How could you handle these more resiliently? In these days of ever faster developments, flexibility is a prerequisite. Being ‘on the move’ is a constant process.


Checking limits

How far are you able and willing to go? As an individual, as part of a team and/or organisation? You can push your limits but you can also go too far; beyond limits. It all comes down to your feelings of what is, and what is not possible. It is about personal leadership.


Letting go more

What can you and can’t you control/influence? Let go of those things you cannot influence and accept the situation. Invest positive energy in what you can affect; the power of positivity.

Practical matters

Katja: “The presentation usually last between 30 minutes and two hours, depending the objectives of the event and the size of the group. I am looking forward to get in touch with you, to talk what fits best to your purpose.
The impact of my presentation is partly dependent on the photographic material. So it should be favourable, when there is a large screen and the room can be darkened to some extent.”


Katja: “My goal is to present an inspiring story that stimulates reflection and gets things moving. I want to have an impact on my audience. Do you want to achieve something more than simply inspiring your team? Then I can incorporate more interaction and discussions in my presentation. Longer sessions, with focusing on certain issues and people working in dyads or small groups are also possible. I will function then as a process leader.”

‘Mountain climber Katja Staartjes has given presentations at various conferences. They have proved to be a success every time! Attendants enjoy her travel stories with their associated messages: working together, dealing with adversity, knowing when to stop, taking charge: all recognisable elements.’
‘Extremely exciting story… her presentation has been one of the most inspiring I ever heard in my life. Katja’s presentation is very relevant to business environment but also to private life, covering topics like fear, taking responsibilities, risk factor and the importance to compliment each other.’

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