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Online webinar? Katja Staartjes also inspires through online contributions. The impactful experiences play a key role in her webinars: photos and videos with the personal story of the mountaineer. This provides momentum and powerful storytelling.

There are different options. What works well: 15/20-minute storytelling with interaction via questions/ chat/ break-out rooms. This can be repeated a few times. Katja guarantees that the program continues to fascinate, even after an hour or two. More interaction is then possible. A hybrid webinar, with live streaming from a studio (by the client) is also possible.

Possible topics ONLINE WEBINAR


Connecting leadership

How do you get the most out of yourself and your team? It starts with self-knowledge and trust. Creating a safe atmosphere is the basis for open communication. The more challenging the circumstances, the more important leadership & ownership.


Full commitment

During the journey, it becomes clear whether you really have the same goal, or whether you are actually on the road on different mountains. Is there real commitment to that goal, and comes the common interest first? Are you willing to help each other. That’s teamwork.


Increasing your resilience

How do you respond to unexpected turns and setbacks? Individually and as a team? Resilience is then essential. But how do you increase your resilience? And how do you deal with your limits? It’s a precarious balance, especially today.

Practical issues online webinar

Katja Staartjes: “I would like to discuss the wishes and possibilities for the webinar. Online contributions are generally more concise than a regular ‘live presentation’. It depends on the setup of the meeting, the number of people who log in, etc. And whether I present hybrid from a studio, or whether I sit in my office and log in via ZOOM / MS Teams / Webex. In the latter case, I share my presentation, which turns out to work extremely well due to the direct interaction via the live chat. ”

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