Are you looking for an inspiring speaker for a webinar? Perhaps mountaineer Katja Staartjes can make an online contribution. She climbed some of the highest mountains in the world and was the first Dutch woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest (8848 meters). With impressive images and storytelling, she takes the webinar participants “on an expedition”. Given her many years of management experience, she is able to translate into daily practice very well.

Huge challenge

At great heights you live on the cutting edge. You will have to deal with thin air, temperatures far below zero, howling storms and dangerous snow and ice conditions. You have to anticipate and respond to uncertainty, risks and constantly changing circumstances. It is one big test in terms of team spirit, resilience and agility. And you run up against your limits. Today’s time also puts everyone to the test. Katja illustrates the link with her storytelling.

Customised webinar

As a speaker, Katja tailors the webinar to the desired length, content and interaction. In particular, a link is made to subjects as teamwork, (personal) leadership, vitality and dealing with change. Of course, within this, emphasis can be placed on specific themes. “I would be happy to discuss this with you.”

Collaboration and Personal Leadership

The following topics are usually addressed in my story:
• Common purpose & interest
• Overcming differences
• Trust & Open communication
• Resilience
• Agility

Images from the Himalayas

In addition to Katja’s experiences, it is the images that give the presentations real impact. This makes it – also online – considerably easier to keep participants connected.

Books that inspire

Katja Staartjes wrote four books: Top Teams – moving mountains together (with photos by Menno Boermans), Top Inspiratie (available in English as Peak Performance), Hoog spel (High stakes) and Lopen over de grens – Great Himalaya Trail door Nepal (Hiking along the border – Great Himalaya Trail through Nepal).

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