Agility and change management are becoming increasingly important in this time of globalisation and rapid technology & digital developments. To stand still is to regress….…
Is there the willingness to change? How do you get people to really ‘buy in’ to the change, to tackle this journey? How can you be sure that you’re not running behind the facts, but that your team can keep up with changes? Or better still, stay ahead of them? The solution is Agility and Resilience!
Mount Everest climber Katja Staartjes: “Are you looking for a speaker who really inspires your people to get the best out of themselves, and to grow? My story is based on my intense experiences as a Himalayan mountaineer and I combine this with my personal background in senior management roles. That is why I can make well the translation to your situation and help you to further develop your people and team.”

Going along with the changes

High up in the high mountains, circumstances are extreme and they can change from one second to the next. This demands constant alertness. Being able to handle these sudden changes and being able to anticipate them is a critical success factor.
In Katja’s presentations, the topic of agility and change management prevails. Her impressive photographic image material provides a truly great impact, and inspires improved methods for dealing with current developments and changes. As a manager of various complex change projects (e.g. large restructurings and mergers), mountaineer Katja Staartjes has acquired first hand personal experience of what is involved in dealing with change.

Customised presentation

Katja: “I customise my speech. We determine the content and duration of the session, focusing on themes that are important to your team/company. For example:
• Joint goal
• Agility
• Resilience
• Trust & complementing each other
• Dealing with incertainty
• Doing more with less

A speech with impact

During my presentations I use breath taking images from my expeditions to peaks such as Mount Everest (8848 m) and other mountain giants in Nepal and Pakistan to strengthen my story. This visual support ensures that the messages actually have impact and make a lasting impression.

Inspiring books

I wrote 3 books about my personal experiences in the mountains: Top-inspiratie (available in English as Peak Performance), Hoog spel (High stakes) and Lopen over de grens – Great Himalaya Trail door Nepal (Hiking along the border – Great Himalaya Trail through Nepal). A new book is under construction: Topteams – Samen bergen verzetten (Top Teams – moving mountains together)”

If you would you like a powerfull presentation please complete the form or call Katja Staartjes (The Netherlands) at
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